Kamil Budzyński

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Not just a programmer

Everyday I manage to link technical expertise with business experience and soft skills just to deliver the product that is useful for customer



Unique experience

Few years of experience in mobile market in role of business owner, originator, dreamer and a programmer gives me unique perspective

Image Processing

From university knowledge to commercial implementation. Effect? I am able to detect temperature, oxygen level, pH and many other factors by image processing. Interesting? I'll be happy to talk about it

Augmented Reality

Author of AR engine that is able to position 3D objects in space, in real time. Do you know Pokémon Go? We've made similar engine few weeks before :)

Soft + technical skills

I can find a common language with programmers, graphic designers, customers and investors.


My experience is a sum of great university, clients and partners. Experiences from last years made me more aware and open-minded person. I'd love to use them and develop my skills in next demanding projects.

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